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A live online casino takes the virtual convenience of playing your favourite casino games from the comfort of home, and combines it with the in-person action of a brick-and-mortar casino experience, with real people, real tables, and real cards. Some of the most popular table and card games can be played in this unique form, which means that no matter what game you prefer, chances are you will be able to find the live casino version.



ROLLEX – Similar to 12Win Online Casino Malaysia, Newtown Online Casino, Rollex Online Casino Malaysia is one of the most popular online casino products in Malaysia which is developed by Playtech as well. Be it Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Blacjack, Hold’em, an online casino player find almost any kind of online live casino games in Rollex Online Casino Malaysia. Its VIP-like design would make you feel like entering a real casino in Las Vegas. Rollex Online Casino Malaysia is considered one of the best online casino products within the region given its unbeatable presentation as well as cutting-edge technology in online casino game designs.

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Betting with Rollex Online Casino Malaysia has never been easier as Mobile version is available in addition to PC version. With hundreds of online slot games including Silver Bullet, Captain’s Treasure, A Night Out, Highway Kings Pro, etc. With big progressive jackpots up to millions ringgit (Maximum Payout RM150,000). what more could an online casino player expect from Rollex Online Casino Malaysia? Join Rollex Online Casino Malaysia now, Call our customer service to get your rollex ID to win now.


Newtown Casino (previously known as O’Town Casino) is one of the oldest casino operator in Southeast Asia gambling industry. Since inception of Playtech in 1999, continual development of its gaming software successfully secure a significant market position and eventually Newtown Casino had been widely implemented in every casino internet café across Malaysia. In addition of offering cutting edge and creative content products, strong partnership between Newtown Casino and its provider is one of the main reason to monopolize gambling market in this region. Now, Newtown Casino has become a common brand that any gambler would have in their mind once he steps in a casino café


As we look further into various casino games that Newtown Casino provides, live casino and slot games are among the most famous. Based on our researches, both Chinese and Malay communities are addicted to slot game as well as live casino. It showed another successful product evolution from Newtown Casino to develop conventional casino slots from 2D slots become 3D slots. Moreover, we can find animation in some of the newest slot games. These games work best along with advanced mobile devices. Animation in casino games brought extra excitement to gamblers.

Despite having great advantage in online casino gambling industry, market revenue of Newtown Casino was challenged by some reputable casino operators in past recent years. Their marketing strategy was once again proven when marketing team introduced another emperor studio that merely target Chinese customer. This new studio was able to regain significant market share and put Newtown Casino back into pole position in Southeast Asia gambling industry. Besides introducing new gaming studio, they put more effort on quality gambling as well. Today, extra baccarat betting table and double roulette tables are available during peak gambling hours.

In this highly competitive and profitable online casino industry in conjunction with continuous rising of mobile internet over gambling pattern, research shows that 60% of internet users connect to internet through mobile devices in 2013. Hence, the casino management team aware of the change and developed a casino gaming apps to provide its user another betting solution. Android apps of live games and slot games are available for any mobile user. Now, everyone can easily connect to Newtown casino anywhere to place their bet and win money.

At Enjoy4bets, we promise to bring you the best casino game. Click on the link of Newtown casino download that available above and install it on your mobile phone. Register today and bet on the exclusive Newtown Casino games.


LuckyPalace Online Casino Malaysia is one of the Asia’s pioneering online casinos that provides non-stop online gaming and entertainment to hundreds of thousands online casino players in the region. LuckyPalace Online Casino Malaysia is renowned for its trustworthy, reliability, as well as fair gaming experience which allows an online casino player to bet at a hassle-free online casino platform. Similar to other online casino products in Malaysia, a huge variety of live casino games can be found at LuckyPalace Online Casino Malaysia that includes Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Hold’em, and Live Sic Bo, etc.


LuckyPalace Online Casino Malaysia also contains some of the famous online slot games, for instances, Bonus Bear, Atlantis Queen, Captain America and many others which offer you the best online slot game features. With big progressive jackpots up to millions ringgit (Maximum Payout RM150,000).  In LuckyPalace Online Casino Malaysia, all casino players would be guaranteed for a fun and satisfactory gaming experience every single second. Sign up for LuckyPalace Online Casino Malaysia now!


LeoCity88 is Asia’s pioneering online casino providing non-stop gaming and entertainment to hundreds of thousand players in the region. It has built up their reputation as the industry leader in servicing players with a trustworthy, honest and reliable gaming experience, and excellence in customer care. With over 350 people in its 24/7 operations and support services, customers are guaranteed of a fun and satisfying casino gaming every time they LeoCity88.LeoCity88 provides more than 100 traditional Casino games for you.


For Live Games, we offer Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Sic Bo, Live Mahjong and Pai Gow. Leocity88 Online Casino Malaysia also contains some of the infamous online slot games, for instances, Bonus Bear, Atlantis Queen, Captain America, Highway Kings, Great Blue, Dolphin Cash, Captain’s Treasure and many others which offer you the best online slot game features. With big progressive jackpots up to millions ringgit (Maximum Payout RM150,000). Experience the action in Vegas while sitting at the comfort of your homes! Sign up for Leocity88 Online Casino Malaysia now Or contact us for more Leocity88 Online Casino detail.


Clubsuncity Online Casino Malaysia is a newly-rising online betting products that has gained significant interests from the local online casino players. It offers primarily arcade-kind of online slot games, such as Monkey Story Plus (also known as Wukong), Crazy Monkey, Three Kingdoms, Fong Shen, Ocean Kings, and many others which is unique of its kind among other online casino products in Malaysia. With no significant difference from PlayBoy888 and GreatWall99, Clubsuncity Casino Malaysia is becoming one of the top favourite online gambling brands among local online casino community, supported by its superior game features as well as generous winning payout structure. Despite the fact that there is no live casino games in Clubsuncity Casino Malaysia, dozens of online casino players still love it mainly due to their detailed game graphic design as well as attractive progressive jackpots. 


Given the rising demand for mobile casino games in Malaysia, Clubsuncity Casino Malaysia has recently launched its mobile slot games for both Android and IOS operating system. A player is required to complete  few simple steps only in order to download for its mobile game application. Wanna test your luck? Sign up for Clubsuncity Casino Malaysia now!


SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia has quite a long traceable operating history in the Malaysian online casino market, and can be usually found in an underground kiosk-based casino. Given the rising demand for mobile online gambling products, SCR888 Casino Malaysia has transformed from a kiosk-based casino game application to a mobile-based online betting software now. SCR888 Mobile Casino is considered as one of the hottest online betting products nowadays, with more than 100 online slot games available for betting. Moreover, SCR888 Casino Malaysia has recently introduced its IOS version in addition to the earlier Android version, which allow any casino players to bet exciting online slot games on their iPhone as long as they want!

SCR888 Casino Malaysia has vested a considerable amount of capital into IT development, making its online betting system one of the most stable in the market as compared to other closer competitors, such like SKY3888 & 3win8. Besides, it also offers one of the highest progressive jackpots that is opened to all casino players in Malaysia (Maximum Payout RM150,000).  Everyone stands a chance to win away hundred thousands ringgit cash jackpots from mobile casino games! Sign up for SCR888 Casino Malaysia now to claim your free beginner bonus.


MLY POKER is the Asia’s largest online poker site, serving a global poker community of more than million registered members. MLY POKER has become the preferred choice of both beginners and the world’s top players. It’s also synonymous with the best customer support and security online. More hands have been dealt on MLY POKER than on any other site – over 10 billion.


We’re poker players just like you. We know you want to play in a safe, collusion-free environment without the hassle of technical difficulties and waiting months to collect prizes. MLY POKER is the solution to all of these problems and more. The best part is, we’re just getting started! We have a lot of exciting changes planned in the coming months and with the players’ help, we’ll continue to improve the user experience. Let’s start playing and win real cash prizes, join the online poker revolution today!


At JOKER, we offer a wide range of exciting products, from slot, roulette, table and card games for you to enjoy and discover countless fun and rewarding moments. JOKER Online is known over the world for its user-friendly interface and stylish games, as well as customer service which surely will satisfy your needs and great promotions you’ll enjoy. Our games are designed to meet the customers’ diverse gaming habits and constantly updating ourselves to satisfy the cultural needs of our growing global membership.


When it comes to gaming, JOKER offers a vast range of choice. Players may choose from Single-player slot games to multi-player games such as Roulette, Poker and many more table games. Innovation is our main focus in order to be your number one choice within the online gaming industry. JOKER aims to frequently release new games which you can easily install or upgrades to keep JOKER fresh and fun. The goal is to appeal to all demographics of players by offering high quality internet casino gaming experience by using the best and latest technology in order to provide products with rich graphics, fantastic animations, interactive game-plays and immersive sound effects.
Participate in Live Dealer Games for the ultimate thrill, the best adrenaline-pumping experience which you will not find anywhere else.

Our goal is to raise your Online experience to the next level. Discover our progressive Jackpots, aggressive promotions and huge bonuses. At JOKER, it is our commitment to maximize our players interest, this makes us stand out from the crowd in the Internet Casino industry. Our services are available anytime, anywhere. We aim to create a convenient and entertaining environment.